Spring 2010 (PM 63)
Monoculture ~ Permaculture
The story of how Tim and Maddy Harland created a beautiful edible garden from a bare field
Make A 'Bespoke' Wind Turbine
A step by step guide to building a wind turbine from a bicycle wheel by Beth Tilston and Wil Harley
Tools For Self Reliance
Dom Marsh and his girlfriend Nanda cycled into town and found an unexpected treasure trove
Little Shop Of Wonders
How Ben Law built a community-owned eco-shop in his local village by Maddy Harland
Reconnecting With London's Fruiting Heritage
Wade Muggleton tells us how the London Orchard Project was set up
Ecovillage Living In Russia
Fedor Lazutin and Dmitriy Vatolin introduce their beautiful ecovillage in the Kaluga region
PM Festival Guide 2010

Solar Enlightenment
Why the buy-back price for micro-generated electricity is about to change by Howard Johns
Getting (Seed) Satisfaction
Avante-gardener, Emma Cooper, shares top tips and trials growing unusual fruit and veg
Eclectic Education
Does home education encourage creativity and is it under threat of legislation? Jil Haris reports
Nettle – King Of My Patch!
Gardener and healer, Rachel Corby, explores the many uses of this versatile weed
Awakening At The Point Of No Return
Aran Stibbe asks whether climate change is irreversible and if so how do we adapt? Will our lives ironically become more precious
A poem by Karen Eberhardt Shelton
Seven Steps To Creating Collective Intelligence
Kosha Anja Joubert presents a method to help us build resilient communities and understand our complex 21st century reality more effectively