Spring 2011 (PM 67)
Sepp Holzer's Permaculture
Sepp explains how he uses permaculture principles to grow an incredible variety of food on his farm high in the Austrian Alps
If the cap FiTS
John Adams explores the down to earth reality of fitting solar photovoltaics cost effectively
Fruitful hedges
Vera Greutink-Ichova reveals how edges and vertical spaces can produce food where space is limited
Build your own sauna
Natural swimming pool builder, David Butler, explains how to make your own small-scale sauna
Community allotments in the inner city
Two dynamic urban allotment initiatives are featured by Louise Cartwright
How permaculture is proving a vital tool in disaster relief, by Corrie Brennan
Rock star winter roots and new green shoots
Olivia Heal describes some unusual tasty winter vegetables and easy to forage spring shoots to fill the hungry gap.
Fantastic figs
Cathy Ashley enthuses about this lip-smackingly delicious and easy to grow fruit
Hop it!
Sarah Cussom writes in praise of the productive and versatile hop
Turning ideas into action
Paul Allen introduces a plan to create a Zero Carbon Britain through a new educational programme
Tropical breezes in the Rockies
Mari Korhonen describes four solar greenhouses high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado which use no oil
Festival guide 2011
Permaculture Magazine's guide to the best green festivals of the year