Spring 2015 (PM 83)
The Wonders of Woodchip
Wade Muggleton visits an amazing allotment that needs no digging or watering
Wild Animals and how to recognise their signs
Patrick Whitefield shares how spotting animal signs is just one aspect of how we can learn to read our landscapes and their history.
Pallet Bench Project
John Adams explains how to build a comfortable, two seater garden bench using only scrap pallets and a handful of screws.
Upcycling an Old Barn
How Stuart and Gabrielle Anderson have given new life to a 200 year old cob and stone barn using a variety of materials and techniques.
Farming With Nature
Maddy Harland visits Rebecca Hosking on her farm in Devon.
Hotbeds and Their Many Uses
Master of organic, no-dig gardening, Charles Dowding explains how to make and use them.
Growing Health and Happiness
Rozie Apps discovers a South African permaculture project that teaches urban people how to grow food and start new enterprises.
How to Plan and Plant a Forest Garden
Graham Burnett explains how a food forest can be grown on balcony, urban garden or allotment... it’s all down to the planning.
What is Permaculture?
Maddy Harland explores the ‘original’ permaculture principles set out by Bill Mollison.
Tree Beekeeping
Jonathan Powell explores the ancient practice of tree beekeeping, a low intervention form of beekeeping using a living tree.
Scrap Upcycling – It’s a Steal!
Steve Hanson shows how he turns scrap into desirable green woodworking tools.
The Many Uses of Udo
Stephen Barstow invites you to savour a remarkable wild edible, Udo.
Willows, Wetlands & Wee
Féidhlim Harty looks at some eco-friendly solutions to the problems of dealing with domestic wastewater.
Growing Youthful Solutions
Ryan Blosser and Jenna Clarke – Project GROWS healing both the community and the land.
Play Time
Mike Jones – how play is a key ingredient in our ability to adapt to new evolutionary challenges.