Spring 2016 (PM 87)
Growing Winter Veg for Optimum Health
Charles Dowding explains how to grow and store vegetables for winter wellbeing and why preparation needs to start early.
Understanding and Embracing Transformational Change
John D. Liu on why the future of our planet need not be bleak.
The Secret Garden of Marizá
How Marsha Hanzi created an edible paradise using regenerative agriculture techniques.
Installing Small Scale Solar
Fitting solar panels to your campervan or other off-grid structure needn’t be daunting. John Adams guides you through the planning stage and presents a case study of a typical installation.
Making Small Farms Work
Richard Perkins describes the second season of setting up a permaculture holding in Sweden.
Creating Sanctuary
Ben and Sophie Margolis welcome displaced people and survivors of torture into their smallholding.
Green Building and Permaculture Design
Bryn Thomas from Brighton Permaculture Trust shares how permaculture design can be applied to the built environment.
Growing with Mycorrhizae
Jacob Whitson explains why mycorrhizal fungi are essential for healthy plant growth and how we can encourage them.
Shower for Free
Steve Hanson explains how to make enough heat for five showers a day from a pile of compost.
The Living Soil
Joel Williams describes the biology of healthy soil and why fungi play such an important role in carbon sequestration.
What! No Rocket Stove?
Daimen Hardie describes a very different international development model from the conventional ‘colonial’ approach.
Living Willow Bridge and Dam Project
John Baker explains how he made a dam and bridge from living willow to help manage water and create habitat.
Permaculture Solutions in the Indian Drylands
Raya Cole on how to reverse the damage caused to Indian farmers by GM and industrialised agriculture.
Perennial Grain Research
Winifred Bird asks Timothy Crews of Land Institute what is the future of perennial grains in agriculture?