Summer 2004 (PM 40)
Comparing Two Lives
Relocating to the Mediterranean is sweeping Britain like South Sea Bubble fever, but how sustainable is it? Kate McEvoy investigates
Eat Less Meat
Clive Davidson makes no bones about how eating too much meat damages the land, water resources and health
Eco-Toad Hits the Road
When Pooran Desai has a mid-life crisis he doesn’t do it by halves!
Beyond Potatoes
Patrick Whitefield describes how a permaculture family make a diverse living from the land in Ireland
Eco Refurbishment
Turn your house from a draughty liability into an energy-saving snug nest with Nick Parsons
A Tasty Way to Landscape
How to design and plant a beautiful and productive garden by the acknowledged master, Robert Kourik
The Ecovillage Movement
Ross Jackson eloquently explains why this new movement, searching for peaceful, ecologically balanced and satisfying ways of living, is of vital significance to us all
Permaculture Afloat!
Cruise upstream on Stephanie Fuger’s beautiful and ecologically fitted narrowboat
Eat More Raw
Steve Charter explains why raw food is an important part of a permaculture diet
How one ecovillage has developed a creative process which relieves conflict and helps create sustainable community
The Joy of Mare's Tail
John Yeoman befriends a triffid in his garden and turns a problem into a typically eccentric resource
Celebrating 21 Years of Permaculture in Britain
The Permaculture Association (Britain) is one of the longest serving NGOs in the permaculture world. Here’s how a small group of people have touched so many lives