Summer 2005 (PM 44)
Power to the People
Patrick Whitefield reports on how a local permaculture group can seriously enhance your life and how to form or join one
Oasis in the Sky
In the heart of the beautiful Spanish city of Seville is a community that has transformed a rooftop into an edible sanctuary. Maria Vazquez tells the story
Renewable Energy Amongst the Trees
Merlin Howse describes various experiments in DIY power generation in his off-the-grid woodland community
Pete Wignall shares his passion and know-how about growing this versatile and valuable food and timber tree
It's In The Bag
It's amazing what creative eco-builders can do with a humble animal feed sack and a pile of earth or sand! Jerema Dubiel explains
The Magical Cauldron
Penelope Alderson shares the pleasures and secrets of low impact dyeing
Ecoliving in Iceland
The story of Solheimar, one of the oldest and most developed ecovillages in Europe, by Hildur Jackson
Cana Dulce
Steve Charter describes how two 'city kids' started a centre that combines yoga and permaculture in Spain
Entering the 'no-fly' zone
No consumer activity is more environmentally damaging that flying. Chris Marsh and David Gearing explain why
Building with the Earth in Mind & Hand
Joshua Trought describes the design and construction of an animal barn/greenhouse in chilly New Hampshire
Escaping From the Command & Control Prison
Building a sustainable community is not just about designing land and buildings. John Joplin explains how one project designed its whole decision-making process for the better