Summer 2007 (PM 52)
Maddy Harland discovers how to choose, use and make natural paint
Live Earth
We preview the event and look at what you can do to make a difference once the music is over and the dancing has stopped
Care in the community
Ashley Walker presents an innovative solution to institutional daycare that also engages the wider community
How to make a medicine herb wheel
Maureen and Keith Robertson explain how to design and plan a medicine herb garden
With a little help from my friends
The story of how Rachel Shiamh fulfilled her dream to build her own house even though she had no previous experience and not much of a budget
Alan Heeks introduces cohousing and how it can radically reduce your carbon footprint – and make you happy too
Children and cohousing
Hildur Jackson describes the positive effects of this 40 year experiment and how it all began
Permaculture people
Graham Burnett tell us why permaculture can so effectively turn a problem into a solution
Living well beyond the grid
Microgeneration from low flow technology proves it’s easy to make electricity from very little water... plus DIY ram pumps explained
After the flood
Starhawk talks to Maddy Harland , describing how permaculture design has enriched her life and speaks about her work in New Orleans
Caucasian spinach
Stephen Barstow introduces a rare perennial plant from the cool temperate North. Abundant and shade tolerant, it may become a forest garden favourite
5,000 years of traditional agroforestry
Ed Hamer explains how a millennia of practice has created a beautiful and productive edible landscape in the Mexican cloud forests