Summer 2008 (PM 56)
Printing our own money
Rob Hopkins tells the story of how Transition Town Totnes launched its own local currency
Co-operation in the community
Giles Simon explains why co-ops are doing more than just business and describes one co-op’s positive effect on the local community
Notes from a small garden, part II
In PM55, Wade Muggleton described low cost, simple garden projects. Here he introduces how to grow a mini-fruit garden in a small space
Want to live in an eco-home but can’t afford to build? Andrew Hunt turned his Victorian terraced house into a low carbon reality
Green, ethical clothing
An in-depth look at the environmental and ethical cost of fashion and its alternatives by Georgina-Kate Adams
Reversing the 'Green Revolution' in Malawi
How permaculturists, Stacia & Kristof Nordin, are encouraging a return to growing and eating local foods and greater self-reliance
Permaculture people
Permaculture, family, gardening and Transition Towns, Pippa Johns shares her many inspirations
Earthship France
How Gillian and Kevan Trott created a beautiful home in northern France using waste products and no main services at all
At the root of the issue
Renowned edible landscaper, Robert Kourik, explores the mysterious underground world of roots
Sun & clay
Leila Dregger reports on a pioneering new build at Tamera ecovillage which combines traditional dome architecture with ground breaking solar design
Alternative America
How one community radically reduced its ecological footprint and created a happy, harmonious community
The solar scam
As solar panels become the new black, Martin Holme tells the story of one salesman he’d be happy never to see again!