Summer 2009 (PM 60)
Permaculture, peak oil and the future of farming
Rebecca Hosking, maker of BBC2’s ‘A Farm For The Future’, looks at the challenges to conventional farming and how permaculture can help overcome them
Ethics in permaculture
Maddy Harland writes about how ethics can underpin good design and right action in permaculture
The story of a highly successful community allotment scheme that practically helps people grow and pick their own food
Building a simple wood-fired oven and cooking in it
Urban forager, Chris Southall, shares his outdoor cooking design – build and eat!
The 100 mile diet
How foodie, Beth Tilston, ate close to home for almost a year and fell in love with her landscape
Chickens in a small garden
Meet Pebbles and Bambam and find out how they fit into Tracy Chandler’s family and their small town garden
Alchemy of land and wood
Fuggo King describes the journey she and her partner, Geoff, made from subsistence crofting to combining art with permaculture
10 tips for green days out
Fun family days out that won’t break the bank or ruin your carbon footprint, with Alison Bayne
The tale of an eco semi
How David & Ann Bowdler, renovated an ordinary house and halved their eco-footprint
Earthcare, peoplecare, skincare
Star Khechara shows us how to make natural beauty potions and products and save money too
The magic of green woodworking
Mike Abbott explains why green woodworking has an important place in the 21st century
Smart agriculture
With food prices rising all over the world, Chris Evans describes how farmers have increased rice yields simply by sharing information