Summer 2010 (PM 64)
Life Beyond Appearances
Maddy Harland visits Geoffrey and Sue Hughes' eco-build and woodland enterprise an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living; a practical method for developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used b
DIY Pallet Chair
How to make a comfortable Airondack chair for free from reclaimed timber with John Adams
Community Generation
Mark Laiosa visits Samsø, a Danish island entirely powered by renewable energy
Commonsense Smallholding
Patrick Whitefield visits a permaculture smallholding and finds out how it pays its way
Fruitful Forest Gardening
Jude Dunn explores an abundant and robust edible landscape created by careful design
The Avatar Effect
Avatar is our first 'deep ecology' blockbuster film. Chris Johnstone explains why it can be a powerful motivator for positive change
Lessons In Self Reliance
Elin Lindhagen visits a wonderful example of food security and peace from a community that borders Zimbabwe and Mozambique
Outdoor Living
Tips from Maddy Harland and friends on living and cooking outside
Divine Inspiration
Simon Cross explores the self-sufficient tradition of Britain’s monastic orders
The Suburban Domestic Duck
The joys and practicalities of keeping ducks in a small garden with Cathy Ashley
Permaculture Primary
Imogen Oxley describes how permaculture design has been successfully applied to a schoo
Storing Summer's Bounty
Olivia Heal investigates how to store summer harvests using lacto-fermentation at home
Tea Trees
A family firm plants over one million trees and shows how business can be a force for good, Sam Gibson explains
Simple Solar Surveying
Stuart Anderson shows us how to maximise plant yields and solar efficiency by identifying the path of the sun