Summer 2016 (PM 88)
Future Food, Urban Style
Relocalising food supply means more urban farms. Rozie Apps visits two cutting edge projects.
Stories in Action at the Zombie Apocalypse Training Camp
Want to prise your kids away from the individious screen? Philip Waters shares his masterful guidance for engaging stories and outdoor play with a difference.
Edible Flowers and why you should grow them
Edible flowers are both a functional and beautiful aspect of the permaculture polyculture. No dig expert, Stephanie Hafferty, explains why they are good for you and your garden’s health.
Beyond Fairtrade and Organics
PM asked Simon Constantine of Lush Cosmetics to describe how permaculture has been a key driver to their successful, regenerative and philanthropic enterprise.
Creating Little Venice – a slug-free crater garden in Ireland
Wind blasted; rain soaked; starved soil and plagued with armies of slugs, Nick Addey starts a vegetable garden on crater islands in the middle of a constructed wetland.
The Potential of Carbon Farming
Runaway climate change signals a dire future. We asked Eric Toensmeier to explain why carbon farming is the most effective way of locking up carbon in the soil and biomass and why it is a vital strategy that can help stabilise our planet.
Reduce Renew Offset
Donnachadh McCarthy argues the case for carbon offsetting.
Music and Permaculture
Georgina-Kate Adams meets the organisations uniting music and permaculture to fight xenophobia, plant trees and reconnect people and planet.
Ansel Oommen explains why the Moringa tree could relieve the suffering caused by malnutrition in the world.
Rewilding Humans in a Regenerative Landscape
Rewilding is an alluring idea – releasing large tracts of land as habitat for wild species. Yet it assumes that humans are excluded. Rebecca Hosking, of Village Farm, explores how we can have our rewilding and permaculture it too.
The Self-sufficient Polytunnel
Ludwig Appeltans describes how to design a permaculture polytunnel to grow food all year round in a cool temperate climate.
Nurturing the growers
It is often not our practical but our inter-personal skills that fail us. Psychotherapist Morwenna Lewis explores the importance of smart communication and well-being on farms, smallholdings and community-based permaculture projects.
Permaculture Solutions for Food Security in Africa
Pierre Moorsom explains how agroforestry informed by permaculture is being used to provide a holistic alternative to conventional agriculture in Malawi.
How to Permaculture Your Life
Ross Mars shares some simple yet effective ‘recipes’ to enhance your health, improve your garden and reduce your energy bills.