Summer 2019 (PM 100)
Earthrise & Extinction
Five decades after the explosion of ecological awareness, we need a global political movement to save what’s left of the biosphere, says Drew Dellinger.
Bee Roadzz
Transition Marlborough wanted to help save the bees so they started joining up landscapes to connect pollinators and people.
The Shift Effect
Sarah Pugh describes how a permaculture education project has birthed not only new skills and careers but a sense of purpose and hope.
Having Fun with Mexican Polycultures
No dig gardener, Vera Greutink, enjoys growing beautiful and edible polycultures. Here she shares her Mexican inspired planting.
Teaching Permaculture in Refugee Camps
Rosemary Morrow travels the world teaching refugees permaculture in the most difficult circumstances, free of charge. Here she documents the joys and challenges.
Permagarden: Reversing Malnutrition in a Refugee Camp
Sarah Fretwell visits a refugee camp in Northern Uganda and finds out how permaculture is helping refugees to grow food in the most difficult of circumstances.
Planning Year Round Harvests
Stephanie Hafferty shares her top tips for enjoying home grown food through the winter and into next spring.
What to Wear?
How does any self-respecting eco-conscious person navigate the world of fashion and clothes? Emma Leaf-Grimshaw explains how she’s applied permaculture design to her wardrobe.
Growing Resilience
Emma Granville explains how Guba in southern Africa uses permaculture to create resilient communities in a country of extreme poverty, unemployment and poor health. Guba is one the four runners up in the 2018 Permaculture Magazine Prize.
From Permaculture One to One Hundred
The PM Team pick 100 personal highlights from the past 100 issues, inspirational people, features, places, organisations, partners, the changes we have seen over the lifetime of the publication and our top permaculture books.
On the Frontline of Climate Change
What happens when a city is running out of water? Gaynor Grace reports from Cape Town.
How to Make Earthen Mixtures
Tom Keeling explains exactly how to mix up materials so that you can make your own earthen plasters and mortars for a more natural home.
Women in Bioremediation
Women are taking a lead in detoxifying contaminated living systems with bioremediation. Leila Darwish explains who and how.