Summer 2022 (PM 112)
The Wine Garden
Adam and Wendy Huss planted a fruitful polyculture that has become an Edenic garden with an abundance of wine and juices as well as providing shade and shelter.
How to Grow More Food in a Small Space
Mark Ridsdill Smith is an experienced urban grower. Here he describes tried and tested ways of vertical, 3D growing for higher yields.
How Women are Restoring Palestinian Food Sovereignty
The Gaza Strip is home to a large cross-section of Palestine’s food system. Rozie Apps speaks to GUPAP, an interactive platform that is uniting and supporting these vital agri-enterprises.
Celebrating 10 Years of People & Permaculture
People & Permaculture is a seminal text that helped to launch and evolve the social permaculture movement. Looby Macnamara shares her story of birthing this important work into the world.
The Award-winning Woodland
Doug and Claire King-Smith took on the challenge of restoring a neglected woodland in Dartmoor National Park, Devon. Here they share the challenges, but also the many positives of creating a community loved woodland enterprise.
The DIY Off-grid Heated Propagator
Steph Hafferty is a whizz at thinking up practical gardening hacks that save money and do not necessitate buying yet more stuff. Here’s how she makes DIY heated propagators.
The ‘Do Nothing’ Part of Permaculture Design
New land? New garden? It is tempting to rush straight in and start making your edible paradise immediately ... but Andy Polkey urges us to observe, and be patient and humble.
The Art of Making the Impossible Possible
Runaway climate change is upon us and remediation is no longer a matter of implementing familiar actions. Rob Hopkins thinks we need to learn to imagine the impossible and thereby make it possible. Here’s how!
Gourmet Weeds
Herbalists, Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, sing the praises of edible weeds and suggest some tasty, nutritious dishes.
How to Design a Multifunctional Garden
Pippa Chapman describes how she and her husband remediated and designed an attractive, productive garden for the Ecology Building Society HQ.
Transformative Adaptation – a ‘Moderate Flank’ to Extinction Rebellion
Rupert Read continues our regular series on transformative adaptation. In this issue, he looks at how we can get meaningfully involved in world-changing in the wake of governments having failed us.
Two Families, Two Acres – One Year In
Dream of owning a small patch of land but finding it unattainable on your own? Hannah Garcia describes how two families sold their terraced houses and embarked on a co-living experiment.
Harvesting and Storing Water in Ferrocement Tanks
Felicity Lee explains why water was the highest priority in her eco-build and why she and her husband, Daniel Colman, chose ferrocement.
Garden in a Tub
Miniature edible gardens can be created even in the smallest places. Vera Greutink tells a tale of an old tub.
Street Goat – A Blueprint for Urban Agroecology
Ursula Billington visits Street Goat, and urban project grazing goats on disused land.