Winter 2004 (PM 42)
Sun & The City
The first kerbside electric car charged by personal photovoltaic panels hits the street. Maddy Harland reports
Singing a more Natural Song
Hildur Jackson visits EcoVillage at Ithaca and receives a warm welcome, despite the climate
Fertile Relationships
Alzena Wilmot and Rik Humphreys describe a way of growing healthy vegetables on poor soil
A Dip in a Natural Swimming Pool
Maddy Harland takes a dip in a natural swimming pool at ZEGG and finds out how they built it
Ben Gable reports on how wheelhoes are coming back into vogue
Amnesty in the Garden
Garden designer Jennifer Lauruol describes how she created an inner city wildlife garden Garden designer Jennifer Lauruol describes how she created an inner city wildlife garden
Grassroots Solar Solutions
Leila Dregger reports on new solar technologies being tested in a co-operative project
Of Minimalism and Humankind
The second part of Maddy Harland’s interview with author and teacher Patrick Whitefield
Putting Useful Plants in the National Curriculum
Mary Jackson visits schools which teach how different cultures use plants in innovative ways
Many Hands
Patrick Whitefield finds that a balance of being relaxed as well as efficient and co-operative is the key to a successful community in Scotland
Lighting a Fire & Making Love
The ecopsychology movement is changing the way people think. Hilary Prentice explains
A Story of a Tree
An evocative, poetic piece by Tino Rawlings
War & Sustainability in the Congo
How reader, Dom Kihara-Hunt, set up a food security project in a corner or war- torn Africa
Growing Sustainable Food Solutions
Does Community Supported Agriculture really work? Gill Seyfang and Beth Brockett find out
When a Tree Falls in Our Forest
Tom Baugh celebrates the ecology of a fallen forest tree and how to use up every single piece