Winter 2005 (PM 46)
Understanding Peak Oil
Oil geologist, Colin Campbell, demystifies the science and politics of Peak Oil
The End of Suburbia or the Beginning of Mainstream Permaculture?
David Holmgren explores the potential for co-operative edible neighbourhoods of the future
10 Things To Do
Rob Hopkins recommends some simple steps to get ready for a post-carbon future
Peak Oil Resources

Make a Meal Of It
Jo Duff shows us how to create meaningful mealtimes and celebrate the harvest every day
Winter Foraging
Finding tasty treats in the wintery woods and verges couldn't be easier with Steve Andrews
The Hydro-Electric Theatre
Jenny Lunnon experiences a performance where the star of the show is a waterwheel
After the Flood, the Forest
How grassroot treeplanters are transforming a landscape and making their community resilient to flooding, Thomas Remiarz
Compost Facts
Fascinating facts to inspire compost making
How to make a bio-time diary
Mark seasonal changes with this simple idea and deepen your connection with the Earth
Ask the Ancestors
Max Lindegger describes how farmers use bio-time in Thailand
How Fish can Save the Rainforest
Paulo Mellett describes an aquaculture project that demonstrates permaculture at its best!
Thinking Outside the Box
Patrick Whitefield vists a smallholder in Wales who manages his land creatively
Community Gardening in the City
The tale of an urban haven where local people can gather and learn new skills, by Will Lenton
Meetings as Ritual
Beatrice Briggs returns with some useful advice for productive, successful meetings
Alchemy & The Coming of Winter
Glennie Kindred explains how alchemy can help us learn and grow through the seasons