Winter 2007 (PM 54)
Edible gardening for the senses
Ru Litherland describes how to integrate edible flowers into a productive garden and also make it a commercial success for a box system
What future for traditional gardening?
Julian Rose explains why keeping small mixed farms alive is vital for all our futures and explains why Poland holds so much promise
Crafting an alternative yule
Learn how to make your own seasonal decorations for a more creative and grounded Yule with Glennie Kindred
The outdoor permaculture classroom
A forest garden can be a richly multifunctional and diverse edible learning space for schools! Dave Richards explains why
Natural insulation
An expanding family prompts woodsman, Ben Law, to extend his celebrated woodland house and test out the new range of ecological insulation on the market
Planting hope in Kenya
With relentless devastation becoming a norm in Kenya, Laurie Childers describes how one group are transforming their landscape into an economically and ecologically viable oasis
Permaculture people
Read about the unusual and very useful life of travelling teacher and volunteer, Tomas Remiarz
The Rebel Farmer, part II
Leila Dregger explains the principles behind the work of Sepp Holzer, one of the world’s greatest permaculturists and aquaculture specialist
The power of community
Are ecovillagers really green? Jonathan Dawson investigates the eco-footprints of two communities in New York State and Scotland
The Lady's Slipper, the Fat Baby and the Exploding Cucumber!
An irresistible plant profile of Achocha by Emma Cooper
Geomancy and permaculture
Alanna Moore introduces geomancy and explains why it is an ideal partner for permaculture design