Winter 2008 (PM 58)
November in Prickly Nut Wood
Exclusive to PM, an extract from Ben Law’s new book, The Woodland Year with insights into a truly sustainable way of life and seasonal recipes
Planning and planting a container garden
Jackie Kemp describes how to grow food in urban spaces, however small
Two women, an eco-build and a full-time job
How mother and daughter, Jenny and Maggie Pickerill, built an ecohouse together
Wild medicine foraging
Rachel Corby describes common garden and wild plants that have the power to heal acute ailments and save you money
Collecting and cleaning water
Chris Southall continues his DIY series and tackles rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling at his home
The greener revolution
Paul Johnson tells the story of a small organisation working to save India’s rural existence and turn back the tide of industrial agriculture
Permaculture people
An obituary to a very special man, Masonobu Fukuoka, who invented a revolutionary method of agriculture, natural farming
The golden age
Capra Carruba describes how Damanhur ecovillage integrates values all generations in the community and particularly the elderly
Buying and selling local produce
Sarah Alldred and Giles Simon offer a few co-operative options that make it possible for small scale producers to sell direct to the publi
Oriental perrenial spinach
How to turn your hostas into dinner with the permaculture plant authority, by Stephen Barstow
The lynx, the forest and the people
Siobhan Mitchell updates us on the plight of the Iberian lynx and the endangered cork forests which provide its habitat
An ideal climate agreement
Ross Jackson explores ways we can practically reduce international CO 2 emissions in ways that are best for planet Earth rather than our current economic practices