Winter 2009 (PM 62)
Living without money
Mark Boyle tells us how he does it so well that a year’s experiment is being extended indefinitely
Is Transition working?
Gil Seyfang presents the result of the first UK Transition Movement survey. PM Exclusive
The winter allotment
Plan some practical allotment projects. Paul Wagland offers some useful tips and ideas
Building a zero-carbon country
Donnachadh McCarthy meets Bil Dunster and discovers his visionary yet practical plan for genuinely sustainable buildings
The joy of juice
Wade Muggleton urges us all to get juicing and shares his tips for simple apple cider
Sustainable beekeeping
Part Two of David Heaf’s popular article on how to make a Warré hive
Growing permaculture in Malawi
How permaculture has become part of the national curriculum in this central African country
Nadia Hilman introduces a clever and easily replicable initiative for urban food self-reliance
Transition to economic resilience
Rob Hopkins explores how permacuture principles can be applied to business
Afraid of speaking your mind?
An effective way of resolving conflicts and building harmonious communites by Rob Dreaming
How to prepare for when the power does down
A householder’s guide to coping well when the national power supplies overload and fail
The recycled urban garden
Patrick Whitefield visits a productive low-cost urban garden that thrives even in the shade
Solar powered greenhouse
How to make a year round fossil-fuel free heating and cooling system for an ordinary greenhouse by Andrew Colins