Winter 2012 (PM 74)
The Moneyless Manifesto
Mark Boyle describes how we can free ourselves from that ravenous beast – The Economy.
Scavenger Technology
Cathy Ashley takes us on a tour of her permaculture home – an ‘evolving’ council house on a quest to become a farm!
Wwoofing Around The World
Rebecca Huntley tries her hand at range of jobs on organic farms and gardens, while travelling on a budget.
Rocket Mass Heaters
John Adams looks at the potential of these stoves for heating your home, workshop or communal space.
Demystifying Permaculture Design
Aranya explains how to make the many pieces of the permaculture jigsaw fit!
No Dig Experiments
Charles Dowding compares the yields and health of dug and undug soil on his market garden.
Funding Your Pemaculture Project
Georgina-Kate Adams explains how to find empowerment in an alternative finance model, crowdfunding.
Growing Food In Small Urban Spaces
Juliet Kemp offers some tips for keeping you growing in the cold winter months.
How To Make Your Own Soap
Stuart and Gabrielle Anderson share their recipe for success for producing your own sweet-smelling bubbly bars.
Ecological Land Co-op
Shaun Chamberlin describes a co-operative that helps people gain access to affordable low impact smallholdings.
Building A Mass Stove Heater
Nicolette Keizer and Baya Salmon Hawk describe how they build an efficient ‘mass’ stove that also heats their water.
The Wonder of Wetlands
Lucy Elkin discovers a wetland habitat teaming with biodiversity which provides flood protection as well.
Making Space For Zone 00
Amelia Lake takes a journey from the outer zones of practical permaculture to the controversial inner zone.
Cashing In On Creation
Dr Joanna Boehnert explains why Rio+20’s Green Economy program is more of a problem than an ecological solution.