winter 2013 (PM 78)
Ponds, Pallets and Hugelkultur
Liz Darley describes how she used pallets to make hugelkultur beds around her new pond.
Community Rebuilds
Matching needs to yields is the key to the success of a sustainable housing non-profit organisation based in Utah, in the USA; writes Rebecca Barrett.
Growing Soya Beans
Deano Martin describes a three year experiment, inoculating and growing soya beans in polycultures in the UK.
How to Choose a Woodburning Stove
Here are Will Rolls’ eight handy hints for selecting the best stove for your hearth.
Roundwood Schoolhouse
Rozie Apps reports on Ben Law’s latest project, a multifunctional teaching/play space that the children helped design.
Permaculture at the Pub
Graham Burnett describes how a broken down pub yard became a community garden without any formal funding, but with a lot of imagination and fun!
Working With Compost
Rick Valley explains how to build a ‘compost tractor’ and recommends tools for gardeners with weak backs.
Biochar Stoves
Ed Revill discusses different types of biochar producing stoves and heaters, including his own biochar rocket stove hybrid.
Permaculture Kids Zone
Elowen Waters, interviews Charlie Mgee about his life and how he came to compose Permaculture - A Rhymers Manual, plus your letters and more…
Restoring Community Spirit
Mike Almond and Sarah Partridge describe how the local community helped renovate a traditional Suffolk barn and spawned a whole training programme of practical building skills.
Garden Farming Down Under
How Christian Monahan designed and built a productive garden farm from scratch, with an orchard, swales, veggie beds and chickens. It was hard work but now he is reaping the benefits.
Make Your Own Laundry Liquid
Stuart and Gabrielle Anderson describe how to save money by making your own laundry soap.
The Life Cairn
How do you come to terms with the widespread devastation of the Earth? Andreas Kornevall suggests we gather together to build Life Cairns.