Winter 2017 (PM 94)
Miraculous Abundance
Stuart Anderson visits a small permaculture market garden so successful that it inspired the film, Tomorrow.
Caring For Our Outer Edge
Laura Pardoe explores how we can permaculture our skincare.
What inspires London-based permaculture activist, Kayode Olafimihan and documentary filmmaker and Earth restoration pioneer, John D. Liu?
Calf At Foot Dairying
Fiona Provan explains her unique compassionate methods for producing raw milk at the farm gate from a Pasture For Life herd.
Can Britain Become Zero Carbon?
Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology explains how Britain can transition to a zero carbon country.
Universal Basic Income
Keith Pierce explains the similarities between permaculture and Universal Basic Income, discusses its advantages and why we should support it.
Multi-Functional Food Forests – A Key to Our Future
Maddy Harland visits two beautiful biodiverse permaculture projects.
5 Special Permaculture Places
We asked our international contacts to share their favourite sites.
The Solar Powered Farm
In his second article, Simon Hursthouse discovers how the off-grid electricity systems work at Living Energy Farm and how they take it nearer its goal of becoming a zero fossil fuel farm.
Make Your Own Vegan Cheese
Karen McAthy explores the art of plant-based cheesemaking.
How Nature Improves Our Mental Health
Josephine Hall visits Windsor Hill Wood and discovers how they are using the healing powers of nature and community.
An Edible Perennial Polyculture
Carole Kirk explains how she designed and planted her small West Yorkshire garden, inspired by Anni Kelsey’s work.
Next Generation Permaculture
Rozie Apps explains how Sector 39 are applying permaculture principles and practices in schools and to the wider community in Wales and Uganda.