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Friday, 8th July 2011
Permaculture magazine
The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation states that we produce enough food to give everyone over 2,500 kcal per day, yet we are failing to help support the lives of tens of millions of people...
Thursday, 7th July 2011
Permaculture magazine
This week the UK government released figures which show that rapid carbon savings are possible. Last May, inspired by the 10:10 campaign, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to cut central...
Wednesday, 6th July 2011
Permaculture magazine
Over the past few weeks more and more stories have started to appear warning of the effects of a dip in solar activity which could lead to further colder winters. The BBC's Mark Kinver wrote this (...
Tuesday, 5th July 2011
Permaculture magazine
Hard to ignore this story that's just come to our attention. In essence, it's all about a roof garden project in Jacksonville, Florida in the USA. Not only is it a fantastic example of a green roof...
Monday, 4th July 2011
Permaculture magazine
The week begins with the Campaign to Protect Rural England claiming that the Government is now discussing the possibility that new nuclear plants, airport runways and new roads and motorways might...