Readers' Solutions

Mark Lark |
Monday, 1st March 2010
Our traditional larder style cupboard was totally designed and built from scratch. The walls are built from plasterboard and fully insulated from the inside of the house. This means that the airflow from the two vents (one at the top, one at the bottom), keep it cool. The inside is fully lined with 25mm (1in) granite on the top, bottom, sides and... more
Anne Vine |
Monday, 1st March 2010
Choose a pot with a lip that curves out at the top. Turn the pot upside down and smear vaseline all the way around this lip. Sprinkle salt over the vaseline. Turn the pot right way up and plant up as usual (but beware of getting greasy hands if you pick it up by holding the lip!). The salt does not wash away because the lip protects it from rain.... more
Jenny Lunnon |
Sunday, 1st November 2009
The Community Action Group project has been experimenting and has produced a fully functioning DIY wormery model for under £15! Using a few plastic boxes, a water butt tap, some old newspaper and a drill you can construct a fantastic wormery to make compost and fertilizer, and reduce your food waste all in one go. All the materials used, including... more