Readers' Solutions

Wayne Weiseman |
Tuesday, 27th January 2015
It is difficult to drive down America’s highways without seeing tall stalks of mullein on almost every embankment. At times I have gotten so mesmerized with this plant that not even the person behind me blowing their horn and screaming loudly can get me to move any faster. The yellow blossoms at the top of the spike are the main attraction. When... more |
Wednesday, 14th January 2015
A pedal powered tractor that can cultivate, seed, spray, or pull gear for most low horsepower tasks. Small tractors do many jobs very well and very fast, but also consume fuel, compact soil, cost a lot, and cause physical damage to the operator – mainly spine and joint problems. Many of their jobs could be done slower but better, by human pedal... more
Ann Palmer / Gaia Dance |
Tuesday, 16th December 2014
Give us the freedom(To the tune of 'O come, all ye faithful')Original tune by John Francis Wade Give us the freedomfirst to love our planetCare for its creatures and champion their lives.Vision a future bright as the sunrise.In thoughts rooted in wholeness,in lives inspired by wholeness,in deeds enacting wholeness,One with Earth. O, what will... more
Beth Tilston |
Wednesday, 26th November 2014
If I am to leave behind me a legacy, a lasting gift to the world, let it be this: the garlicky marrow ring, the garlic marrow-mari, the marrow kiev. Call it what you will, the fact remains that I have ENGINEERED A DISH FROM MARROW THAT TASTES GOOD. It was long in the development and making, but I have finally cracked it. Just in time for the... more
Alan Jewell |
Thursday, 6th November 2014
Many people will, like me, have had wellies that have sprung a small leak. I have found that most wellies will melt with heat, enabling a repair to be made. Initially, I used a temperature controller soldering iron on its lowest heat and achieved moderate success. Most successful was using a magnifying glass and the sun. By varying the area of... more
Phil Moore |
Thursday, 4th September 2014
There's a place where the gardens are back to front and where one person's shed is another one's tool box. Welcome to Hoad Terrace, where the gardens provide the stepping stones to community. Kay, chief instigator and one of the crew behind The Ulverston Permaculture Project, explains how the shared street lawn came about: "I was sick a few years... more
Carl Legge |
Friday, 15th August 2014
You know that feeling when you pick more courgettes towards the back end of the summer. More! You've eaten them raw, stuffed, sautéed, griddled, baked, on pizza, with pasta, in salads and soups and you just can't face anymore. Now you want to save them for later in the year and you don't want to take an age to process them. Dehydrating them works... more
Derek Jones |
Thursday, 14th August 2014
This bug house uses some easily found natural materials, such as bamboo canes, pieces of wood, twigs and plant stems, to provide a range of homes for lots of different invertebrates. This project is perfect for making with kids. Start with a search for suitable branches and twigs, and then make your bug house to suit the materials available.... more
Phil Moore |
Wednesday, 6th August 2014
What was once an empty school playground is now home to a series of veg beds, with thermal solar storing pathways. Hopscotch and handball markings remain with the North/South/East/West compass still visible in the centre of the playground, now with veg beds moving outwards in a radial pattern, like the rays of the sun. Laya Point Permaculture,... more
Katie Shepherd |
Friday, 1st August 2014
Red mite infestation is a common health and welfare in poultry in the UK, (and beyond) and this year seems to have been particulalry problematic. Over the last few weeks I've seen much discussion on Facebook and Twitter about various ways of treating and preventing what can be a really distressing and fatal health problem in poultry flocks of all... more
Eco-Building & Forestry |
Thursday, 31st July 2014
(Ed) Lots of people use raised beds to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. They enable better access, help with water management and can extend the growing season. With them being so popular, we were intrigued when we received a newsletter from Eco-Building and Forestry, exploring more sustainable raised beds. Can raised garden beds be part of a... more
Carl Legge |
Friday, 25th July 2014
These tart and tasty berries have been enjoyed as a nutritious and healthy fruit for centuries. I love their complex, almost smoky, flavour and I love to get the most out of my harvest. So here is another of my multiple product recipes from one batch of ingredients. Permaculture in action - make a regal liqueur and a smashing jam. Blackcurrant... more