Graham Bell |
Thursday, 26th October 2017
It’s an immense privilege to be asked to welcome you to this collection. Maddy’s 25 years of endeavour demand our attention. Twenty five years since taking over Permaculture News from me and turning it into the very professional PM. And then 20... more
Joan Bailey |
Wednesday, 18th October 2017
For Laura Ten Eyck and Dieter Gehring, knowledge is power. Their quest began thirty years ago when they decided to help pioneer efforts to revive hop growing in the North Eastern United States. Their book, The Hop Grower’s Handbook: The Essential... more
Katy Fox |
Tuesday, 10th October 2017
When we engage in transformative action, such as permaculture or Transition projects, we learn ecologically: by doing, experimenting, documenting and collaborating to constantly refine our practices and our knowledge through feedback as well as... more
Lorenzo Costa |
Wednesday, 6th September 2017
Charles and Steph have more than 30 years of experience on the land and this book sums up the work of two exceptional no dig gardeners. This book is informative, complete in the way it takes the reader from setting up a no dig garden, and onto... more
Rozie Apps |
Friday, 1st September 2017
Are you serious about becoming a market gardener? If yes, then this is the book for you. It is not for the faint-hearted. The Permaculture Market Garden is an incredibly indepth guide, explaining the science behind nature and farming, and combining... more
Phil Moore - Permaculture People |
Tuesday, 18th July 2017
Harmony in Food & Farming, a two day conference organised by the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT), explored the theme of Nature’s grammar. Inspired by the book Harmony: A new of way of looking at our world by Charles Windsor with co-authors Tony... more
Rozie Apps |
Thursday, 6th July 2017
I've visited RHS Hampton Court Flower Show several times now. I love to see what the current trends are in colour schemes, what the popular plants are and also what the themes are for the concept gardens. But my main focus every year, is to see if... more
Burra Maluca |
Friday, 2nd June 2017
This is the book on no dig gardening that we have all been waiting for. Not only does it have over 200 pages with all the information you were hoping to find, it is also one of the best presented books I have handled in a long time. The writing is... more
Anni Kelsey |
Monday, 22nd May 2017
This book is a treasure trove of information. With over two hundred pages of extensive and detailed information drawing on many years of experience it goes way beyond the scope of what normally lies between the covers of books on growing vegetables... more
Permaculture magazine |
Tuesday, 16th May 2017
Leading ‘no dig gardeners’ and authors Charles Dowding & Stephanie Hafferty launched their new book No Dig Organic Home & Garden at this year’s South Downs Green Fair (SDGF) Read... more