Centerforfoodsafety |
Friday, 4th November 2016
In one handful of soil, there are more organisms than there are humans on Earth. Soil is vital to our food needs - we rely on 95% of healthy soil for what we eat. It is also important in locking climate carbon to mitigate climate change. Many solutions to climate carbon have been found, including...
Huws Nursery |
Wednesday, 2nd November 2016
Community apple days are a fun way of learning about apples and apple pressing, as well as what and how to grow apples and other fruit trees, permaculture and build friendships. Huw Richards features his local permaculture group on their apple day, and finds out how beneficial these days are. Huw...
Friday, 28th October 2016
In this outstanding talk by Paul Hawkin, from Bioneers, find out about Project Drawdown - 100 solutions to climate change that we can all be a part of. Paul explains how the recent solutions for climate change have mainly been large scale, and virtually impossible for us as individuals to adopt....
TED Talks |
Friday, 21st October 2016
For the future of our planet, and our communities, it is vital for our children's education to change. This powerful TED talk by headteacher Richard Dunne, explores how incorporating lessons from nature into education, can move us towards a more sustainable future. The patterns and systems of...
Charlie Mgee |
Wednesday, 19th October 2016
Listen to Charlie Mgee's wonderful tribute to Bill Mollison, the founding pioneer of permaculture. What a song! TREES EAT US ALL - Lyrics by Charlie Mgee  Designer, you’re now a reclinerSo long and thanks for the yieldand your tools left behind have all sharpened our mindsto keep growing the change...
Friday, 7th October 2016
Inspiration for those who like tiny house living. Here is an old American school bus that has been turned into a mobile home, and is now travelling the Panamerican Highway. From fold away tables, guest bed, plenty of storage, compost toilet and huge bed, this space has been designed beautifully. It...
Canal & River Trust |
Friday, 30th September 2016
The Skyway Community Garden in Hackney, London, is an open space by Regent's canal for the public to enjoy. Stepping down from a busy road, the garden is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The area has been transformed with the help of young volunteers from the local community, who...
Homesteadonomics |
Friday, 16th September 2016
Joe from Homesteadonomics walks us through his rainwater haresting system on his home. He built the whole system himself. It has a capacity of 11,500 gallons and accounts for 90% of his family's water needs. It's impressive! Further resources Harvesting rainwater in an urban environment Catching...
Homesteadonomics |
Friday, 9th September 2016
Homesteadeconomics shares how they made four top-bar bee hives made scrap materials. Each of these took around 30-40 minutes to build, out of free material, making these hives possible for everyone to build. Includes tips on what not to do and a look at the bees inside the hive. Further resources...
Charles Dowding |
Friday, 2nd September 2016
No-dig expert, Charles Dowding, shows us around his 3/4 acre market garden, four years after taking it on as pasture. Charles explains the importance of mulch in his system and how he makes his own compost. He also shares his results with his dug and un-dug beds, comparing crop harvests. Further...