Autumn 2017 (PM 93)
The Healing Garden
During a period of personal transition, Maddy Harland found solace and friendship designing and making a small ornamental cottage garden with a large pond.
What Keeps Visionaries Going?
What makes a person a lifelong activist, someone who is able to sail against the wind for decades? Maddy Harland asked two very different visionaries.
The Art of Dying Creatively
Katie Shepherd thinks how we die is vitally important and should not be pushed under the carpet but well designed, permaculturally of course.
Regenerating Urban Communities
The May Project in Morden, London, uses lessons in permaculture, gardening, natural building and hip hop to empower and engage local people. Rozie Apps reports.
Building Resilience to Climate Change
Mali is in the heart of West Africa and is vulnerable to drought, floods and climate change. Caroline Hart and Anna Baness describe how tree planting and other regenerative strategies have helped local people to survive.
Designing a Permaculture Plot
Gardener, Vera Greutink, describes how she designed and implemented a permaculture plot larger than her small back yard and how she made her plant choices.
The Fossil Fuel Free Farm
Living Energy Farm has been working towards being 100% renewable since 2010. Simon Hursthouse asked founder Alexis Zeiger about their affordable and replicable living technologies.
Synergy in Ibiza
Chris Drews describes how he created an educational centre that is regenerating a dryland landscape and runs community events all over Ibiza.
How To Fund a Successful Build
Geoff and Fuggo King explain how they financed their upcycled workshop from their wider community.
Hardy Productive Trees
Now is the best time to research and plan your winter tree plantings. Martin Crawford shares four hardy productive trees for any permaculture garden, smallholding or orchard.
The Drawdown Project
A Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Climate Change
Making Your Dreams Come True With Dragon Dreaming
John Croft explains how we can transform our individual dreams, plans and celebrations into reality by working together.
Summer 2017 (PM 92)
In Search of Local Beer
Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition movement, combines his passion for localisation and beer, exploring just how local a beer can be.
Saving Your Own Seeds
No Dig experts, Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty, explain the ins and outs on saving your own vegetable seed.
Artisanal Cheesemaking
We asked David Asher to tell us how to make the most natural, permacultural cheese possible.
Growing Edible Polycultures in Containers
Vera Greutink explains how to grow vegetables in organic polycultures in containers by the kitchen door.
Make Your Own Biofertiliser
Why are soil minerals so important and how can we use biofertilisers to remineralise our land? Matt Dunwell and Juanfran Lopez explore the fascinating world beneath our feet.
Self-sufficient Nutrition for Life
Chrissie Sugden, a nutritionist, explores how much land we would need to provide all our essential nutrients.
Bill Mollison
“We are time scouts. Finding places now for what will be needed then.”
What Keeps Visionaries Going?
Maddy Harland asks two very different visionaries how they maintain momentum over decades, even in dark times.
Permaculture Your Money: Designing Financial Ecosystems
How can banking be a force for good? We asked Huw Davies from Triodos Bank to tell us about their approach.
Making Flower Essence Jellies
In the last issue of PM, Susan Tipton-Fox showed us how to tap and make maple and birch tree syrups. Here she’s back sharing the secrets of her deliciously floral essence jellies.
Out of the Everyday Mind
Eleanor O’Hanlon writes of close encounters in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, one of Africa’s few remaining wildlife sanctuaries for lions and elephants.
Empowering Women with Permaculture
Looby Macnamara and Maddy Harland use permaculture design to help women become more empowered. Looby describes some activities to help create your own empowerment design.
How Growers are Adapting to Climate Change
Dr Dorian Speakman set up The Marginal Lands Project to show how permaculture growers and farmers in Britain’s harsh upland areas have adapted to drought, flood and unseasonal weather events.
Foraging for Health
Want to educate your kids, get them eating healthily and exercising away from the screen? Katy Bowman suggests that foraging is more than fun, it stacks all those functions and more.
Building a Children’s Permaculture Movement
How can we launch a global permaculture education programme for children? Lusi Alderslowe has the answer!
Spring 2017 (PM 91)
Open Source Permaculture: How to live well on little
Andrew de la Haye doesn’t think permaculture should be a luxury but should be open source. He describes how he lives well in the alternative economy.
Oiling the Palm of an Industrial Giant
Palm oil production is devastating vast landscapes across southeast Asia and will soon be moving into Africa. Rozie Apps explores the facts and what we can do to minimise its impact.
Regenerative Farming
In the Algarve, Portugal, 43 hectares of abandoned farm with ruined buildings has become a thriving community, Quinto do Vale da Lama, with poly-incomes and a increasingly diverse ecosystem. Walt Ludwick describes the journey.
How to Make Maple and Birch Syrup
Susan Tipton-Fox explains the art if tapping maple and birch for syrup and describes how to make natural taps from sumac.
Will Cuba Remain Organic?
With the potential embargo lift on Cuba from the U.S., will this innovative country retain its urban and rural agriculture that has taught the world so much? Jordan Thomas investigates.
Permaculture Gets Funky
From audiences of military cadets to babies in backyards, Formidable Vegetable Sound System is turning people onto the pure joy of permaculture and regenerative living.
Indigenous Forest Gardening
Steven Elliot Martyn explores the world of wild culturing, green manures and multi-levelled polycultures.
The Rooftop Forest Garden
Tomas Remiarz visits the rooftop forest garden at the Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC), their solution to an educational garden and a leaking roof.
Measuring the Infinite
The produce yields at the Red Shed are easy to measure but measuring the wellbeing of visitors is more difficult. Sandy James explains their system for measuring this.
Make it Yourself: a reaction, revolt and alternative to fast fashion
Making your own clothes from second hand fabrics gives you unique pieces with minimal costs. Ocean Hampson tells you how.
Creating Resilience in Bangladesh
May East, of Gaia Education, explains how permaculture programmes have created sustainable livelihoods and resilience for communities across Bangladesh.
Permaculture Your Body!
Aranya considers how we can apply a permaculture design approach to the one place where we spend our whole lives – in our bodies.
Food a-plenty
Charlie Gray describes a city project that turns waste food int value added products, preserves and ferments.
The World’s most Magical Forest
Alan Heeks shares his experience visiting the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia, and how we can learn from this magical forest.