Summer 2018 (PM 96)
The Heritage Bread Revolution
Baker, Michael Hanson, describes exciting new developments in preserving ancient wheat varieties for the health of the land and our guts.
A Manifesto for Our Daily Bread
John Letts sets out the UK Heritage Grain Alliance’s mission to revive a local grain economy for artisanal bread, beers and distillations and our good health.
No Dig Gardening on any scale
Stephanie Hafferty explains the many advantages of growing annual and perennial veg and fruit with no dig on a small and larger scale.
Protecting Our Seas
Plastic pollution, climate change and over-fishing are negatively impacting our seas. Rozie Apps explores the issues and shares some of the solutions to kickstart positive change.
Building & Living in a Tiny Home
Kate Fox shares the process of creating a small portable home and how it led her to the lifestyle she’d always dreamed of.
Cargo Bikes Urban Transport Solutions
Richard Scrase compares cargo bikes for moving everything from timber, a photographic studio, to a cello!
What Hope Can Achieve
Swansea Community Farm was on the brink of closure, but the local community just couldn’t let it happen. Ruth Domoney tells their story and offers lessons for other struggling projects.
Island Permaculture
Island life may seem idyllic but it has its challenges … Roz Rolls describes how a Sark permaculture garden is the first step in designing a more resilient lifestyle.
Lentil and Spinach Burger

The Power of Sound
Mike Edwards explains how he uses music to help people contact the wild recesses of their minds and engage with the more-than-human world.
The Nutritional Birthing Center
Tracy Chait explores how birthing center, Shanti Uganda, educates women in medicinal and nutritional food growing.
Biodynamic Farming and Permaculture
Marina O’Connell explores how these two systems are both challenging and complimentary to each other.
The Permaculture Fruit Tree Nursery
How Tom Adams helped bring back a range of heritage fruit trees on his organic and permaculture designed orchard and nursery.
Restorative Justice
Belinda Hopkins introduces Restorative Justice and Restorative Practice and describes what both can offer us in our communities.
Rites of Passage in a More Permanent Culture
Alan Creedon explores the positive effects of vision quests for both adults and young people.