Winter 2018 (PM 98)
The Enchanted House
Artist Andy O’Doherty was asked to build an enchanted house. We asked him to tell us more.
Growing Waste-free Mushrooms in Buckets
Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar share how to grow your own mushrooms at home.
Changing Lives with Permaculture
Paul Yeboah gives an insight into the excellent, regenerative work of the Ghana Permaculture Institute.
Regenerative Agriculture: Empowering Nature
Charles Massy shares the multiple regenerative agriculture techniques that are the future of farming.
Bringing Nature Inside
Kt Shepherd suggests ways for improving access to nature connection if you or someone you are close to finds it difficult to be outdoors due to illness or disability.
How Permaculture Impacts Lives in Prisons
Joannah Metcalfe describes how a life changing illness took her on a path that transforms the lives of prisoners with permaculture.
Redesigning our Enterprise Culture with Soap
Rozie Apps finds out how ZeroSoap in Devon is encouraging entrepreneurship and helping to create organic farms.
The Upcycled Urban Farm
Warren Draper shares the story behind Bentley Urban Farm, a place of refuge, learning and fresh, organic produce in a food desert.
The Future of Fashion
PM speak to Rapanui to learn about their sustainable clothing processes.
Honouring the Next Generation
Hannah Apricot reveals the winner and runners up in the Youth in Permaculture Prize, exploring how their projects all create positive change.
Producing Meat Mindfully
Farmer, Hannah Thorogood, explores how to produce small-scale, ethical meat.
Boost your Biochar
Phil Greenwood explains how to use natural ingredients in biochar to improve soil.
A Twist on Tradition
Laura Pardoe explores the origin of ‘toilet vinegars’ and shares her own natural recipes for healthy, happy skin.
Living on One Earth
Fred Klammt designed his home, WinSol3, to maximise on solar gain, thermal mass and rainwater. Here he explains his design.